River Valley Recycling in Kankakee, IL

The New Way to Recycle


Although we specialize in scrap, we are not your typical scrap yard. We seek to offer the best experience for our customers, by providing clean and organized facilities, friendly knowledgeable staff, efficient operations, and of course great prices!

Most importantly, we have a strong reputation in our community for honest business conduct. When you do business with us, we hope you’ll notice how we stand out above the rest.



We began as a general scrap business in 2004 that focused on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The business has grown its operations in order to collect a wider variety of recyclable materials, handle larger volumes, and develop processes that convert materials into a reusable form.

We collect millions of pounds of materials each year that would otherwise end up in landfills.


River Valley Recycling is based on principles of integrity, flexibility, and innovation. Our reputation and future is built on our relationships with businesses and local communities that we operate in.

We believe the need for recycling will on increase over time, as reusing resources continues to become more cost-effective than mining for new resources. We plan to evolve as our global economy evolves so that we can continue to fulfill recycling needs.


Metal Recycling Case



A local oil distribution business contacted River Valley Recycling for a solution to disposing of empty metal drums. They were using about 300 metal drums each month, which were taking up valuable floor space in their building.


To improve the use of floor space, we installed a drum crusher at their facility. We also identified how they could recycle the residual oil in each drum. Through this partnership, the customer was able to be paid for their scrap drums as well as the unused oil.


World Recycling at River Valley Recycling in Kankakee, IL

We recognize the importance of giving back to the community as well as providing opportunities for the community to help our environment. Recycling will always be for a good cause – preserving the environment.

In addition to helping educate the community on the importance of recycling, we have helped many individuals and organizations raise money through recycling. A couple ways we help the community in this way include:

  1. We can assist with your community fundraiser. Just contact us for more information about this process.
  2. When you bring in your recyclables, we can give the proceeds to a local organization.

Example Organizations

  • 4H
  • Churches
  • Relay For Life
  • Boy Scouts
  • Camp 911
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Fire Departments
  • DARE Program
  • Local Libraries
  • Schools
  • Trinity Academy
  • And More…



River Valley Recycling in Kankakee, IL


We offer two methods of collecting recyclable materials:

  • Buyback Centers – Convenient drop-off locations with easy unloading and a fast payout process.
  • Pick Up Services – We maintain our own fleet of trucks, heavy equipment and containers. We can service scrap producers of all types and sizes.
River Valley Recycling in Kankakee, IL


We implement processes to upgrade and convert materials further along the recycling stream. The goal is to reduce waste and find ways to recycle everything that comes through our facilities.

  • Some materials are processed in order to return the product to its original form (for example, aluminum is melted so that it can be re-molded into new products)
  • Other materials are densified or prepared in a way that they can be sent to a processor that converts the material into a reusable form.
  • Some materials are processed so that they can be reused or remanufactured
River Valley Recycling in Kankakee, IL


After our initial processing, materials are sent to companies that can advance them to the next level so they can be put back into reusable products

  • Ferrous Metals are sent to foundries and mills where they will be remelted and reused
  • Non-Ferrous Metals are sent to companies that remelt these metals for use in new products. River Valley Recycling remelts certain grades of aluminum on site



Illinois Recycling Association


Illinois Recycling Association is a non-profit organization. It currently has 250 members consisting of municipal, county, and state recycling coordinators, businesses, haulers and processors, non-profit organizations, consultants, and manufacturers of recycled-content products. IRA is a collective voice for recycling on critical waste management issues facing the state of Illinois.

Automotive Recyclers Association


ARA is a non-profit trade association that represents the automotive recycling industry. ARA is dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts, and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries


ISRI is a non-profit trade association that represents companies that process, broker, and industrially consume scrap commodities, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, electronics, rubber, plastics, glass, and textiles.

Kankakee Chamber of Commerce


The Kankakee Chamber of Commerce provides business leadership for the continuous improvement of the economic environment and the quality of life in the Kankakee Region.

KB Cores


KB Cores buys, sells, and offers trade arrangements for engines, transmissions, and parts. Their facility implements a process to take apart, inspect and identify good reusable parts from engines and transmissions. KB Cores has a 50,000 sq ft inventory warehouse of engine parts, transmission parts, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, torque converters, and much more.



The Engine Builders Association is a network of professional engine builders, rebuilders and installers, which provides informational resources.

Production Engine Remanufacturers Association


The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association is an association of individuals and firms who are remanufacturing internal combustion engines and their major components, or are supplying necessary components, supplies and equipment required in the remanufacturing process.