We hope this page helps answer any questions you may have, but feel free to call or send us your questions any time and we would be happy to answer them.  You may find many ways to contact us through the Contact Us page. Below is a list of many common questions.


Q: What are your prices and why aren’t they listed on the website?

  • Prices fluctuate with the market and may change daily. We do not supply customers with price sheets because the prices change without notice and we want to guarantee the most competitive prices. Call us or stop by to get current pricing.
  • If you don’t know what type of material you have, it’s best to bring it in so one of our buyers can give you an accurate price.

Q: Will someone help me unload my materials?

  • Yes! Our buyback center employees are available to help unload your materials.
  • We have heavy equipment available to help unload large loads or trailers if requested, however we are not responsible for any damages.

Q: Can someone pick up my appliance (stove, tv, refrigerator, washer, etc…) from my home?

  • We do not offer a pickup service, except for large loads.
  • We can provide a referral of someone who can pick it up, but they will not pay you for the scrap.

Q: Should I sort my materials?

  • Sorting your materials ahead of time will help you get the best pricing available.
  • Make sure to put the garbage in the trash, but bring the recyclable materials to us.

Q: Do I need to have a River Valley Recycling “vendor number”?

  • Yes. Every customer must provide a valid picture ID (such as a driver’s license, military ID, etc…) for us to keep on file as required by the state of Illinois.  We will issue you a Vendor Number that you can use every time you come in, which speeds up the payout process.

Q: Can I use the same “vendor number” at all of the River Valley Recycling facilities?

  • Yes, your vendor number may be used at each of our facilities.


Q: Do my aluminum cans have to be crushed?

  • No, they do not have to be crushed.

Q: Will I be paid more for my aluminum cans if the pop tabs are removed?

  • No, it’s best to leave the pop tabs on the cans.

Q: Do you recycle electronics?

  • We no longer accept electronics, monitors or televisions.

Q: What qualifies as prepared iron?

  • 2ft x 5ft x 1/4in thick

Q: Do I have to remove the Freon from the refrigerator, air conditioner, or my vehicle?

  • No, we will inspect every unit and are certified to remove the refrigerant safely.

Q: Do I have to take the tires off the vehicle when they bring it in?

  • No, you can leave the tires on the vehicle.

Q: How are my things recycled?

  • Ferrous Metals are sent to foundries and mills where they will be re-melted and reused.
  • Non-Ferrous Metals are sent to companies that re-melt these metals for use in new products.  River Valley Recycling re-melts certain grades of aluminum on site.

Q: What materials does River Valley Recycling not accept?

  • The few things we do not currently accept are: plastics, electronics, monitors, televisions, glass, household batteries, wood, Styrofoam, vinyl, tires, window/sheet glass, PVC pipe, outdoor play equipment, clothes/fabric, furniture, Railroad equipment (unless the seller can produce a signed letter from the Railroad company on company letterhead), RV’s, vehicles without titles, and fiberglass boats.

Q: Where can I take materials that River Valley Recycling doesn’t accept?

  • Below are some suggestions for places that may take these items. We recommend you call first to verify that they do accept these, in case their policy has changed.

Household batteries

  • Interstate All Battery Center – 250 S Kinzie, Bradley (815) 802-1083
  • Lowe’s – 860 N Kinzie Ave, Bradley  (815) 933-5555
  • Best Buy – 1584 N State Route 50, Bourbonnais (815) 932-2995
  • Fastenal – 1403 W Lafayette St Suite 3, Watseka  (815) 432-0251
  • Olympic Hardware – 516 N Dixie Hwy, Hoopeston  (217) 283-5186

Fluorescent lights and light bulbs

  • Kankakee Ace Hardware – 1735 S Schuyler Ave, Kankakee  (815) 939-9888
  • Lowe’s – 860 N Kinzie Ave, Bradley  (815) 933-5555
  • Whitmore Ace Hardware – 361 S Locust Ave, Manteno  (815) 468-3137 – 237 N Front St, Braidwood  (815) 458-9850 – 210 S State St, Manhattan  (815) 478-3317
  • Fastenal – 1403 W Lafayette St Suite 3, Watseka  (815) 432-0251
  • Olympic Hardware – 516 N Dixie Hwy, Hoopeston  (217) 283-5186

Used Oil and other motor fluids

  • Advance Auto Parts – 1171 E Court St, Kankakee (815) 929-0485 – 1135 E Division St, Coal City (815) 634-8852
  • AutoZone – 1390 N Hobbie Ave, Kankakee (815) 935-0160 – 648 N Convent Road, Bourbonnais (815) 933-2275 – 808 E Walnut St, Watseka (815) 432-3482
  • Walmart Tire and Lube Express – Riverstone Parkway, Kankakee (815) 802-1884 – Route 50, Bourbonnais (815) 939-6445
  • Tholens Landscape Home and Garden – 1401 North Convent, Bourbonnais (815) 939-6445
  • Dillman True Value – 201 S Main St, Grant Park (815) 465-6871


  • The Kankakee Farmers Market usually offers paint recycling a few times a year.  Most communities have some type of household hazardous waste program or “round up” event that accepts paint from their residents.
  • Dry and Dispose Properly. In many states, the only option for disposing of latex paint is to dry it out.  In states that allow drying latex paint, let it dry in a safe location away from children and pets. Less than a half inch of paint will dry out easily when the lid is off. Larger volumes can be dried with absorbent material such as cat litter. Once it’s dry, dispose of the dried out latex paint as garbage. Air-drying of liquid oil-based (alkyd) paint is not considered safe.

Other household chemicals

  • Turn Key Environmental – 750 Almar Pkwy, Bourbonnais, IL (877) 822-9050


  • Packing peanuts/loose fill – Check


  • Curbside Recycling
  • Will County Recycling has drop-off sites in Wilmington, Braidwood, Godley, and Beecher, but you need to be a Will County resident to use these.

Electronics, Monitors & Televisions

  • The City of Kankakee and Village of Bradley accept TV’s and Monitors.
  • Best Buy accepts up to 32in TVs and computer monitors.